1891 census Frederick John Budd Budd

The 1891 census below shows the newly named Budd-Budd family living at Restlands Farm near East Grinstead. The family consists of Frederick, his wife Ann, their daughter May Claire and their son Edward John. Also shown is Lucy Renee Budd Budd who was the daughter we believe of Louisa Adelaide Baker who had married Ernest Pierre Auguste Cathala in 1888. They lived in Paris where Lucy was born in 1890. They also had two sons, Elie Louis Alfred Cathala born 1891 and Henri Frederlc Auguste Cathala born 1893.

Restlands Farm present day

Above are the marriage details of Louisa Adelaide Baker and her husband Ernest Pierre Auguste Cathala who married 4th November 1888 in France.

Believed to be Lucie Renee Cathala Budd Budd

1895 marriage of Edward John Budd Budd

In December 1895 Edward John Budd Budd married Bertha Annie Franks in Balham South London. At this time Edward was a medical student.

1896 Marriage of Marion Eva Budd Budd

In October 1896 Marion Eva Budd Budd married Rev James Mearns. The couple had three children, James Patrick Mearns born 1897 and twins John Eustace & Neville Andrew Mearns born 1901.

Marion Eva Mearns died 31 October 1951 in Haywards Heath Sussex.

1898 Marriage of Edith Ann Budd Budd

In October 1898 Edith Ann Budd Budd married in Brighton Charles Edward Alexander MacLeod.

1899 Marriage of Frederick William Budd Budd

In May 1899 Frederick William Budd Budd married Hannah Louisa Wright. Frederick was a Marine Insurance Broker in London and had remained living in Victoria Lodge Twickenham Park until his marriage.

1901 census of Frederick John Budd Budd

The 1901 census records the Budd Budd family at Restlands Farm. The family comprises Frederick now aged 57, his wife Ann 58, their daughter Adela Ivy 22 and their grand daughter Lucy spelt here Lucie.

Their other children were now married, although we can find no trace of their daughter May Claire Budd Budd.

Their daughter Louisa Adelaide Cathala appears to have remarried in 1902 Alexander King Williamson following the death of her husband Ernest Pierre Auguste Cathala in Algeria in 1898. Nothing more is known.

The Budd Budd family around 1900

1911 census F J Budd Budd Brighton

By 1911 Frederick John Budd Budd had retired from Restlands Farm and moved into one of the properties originally owned by Henry Budd.

Of the many properties Henry Budd Purhased in Brighton in the 1830’s, Rokesley Lodge sited behind Rokesley House on Marine Parade passed from Henry Budd to his son William, and from William to his daughter Phebe who in turn passed it to the Budd Budds.

1911 census Edith Ann MacLeod

Edith Ann and her husband Charles Edward Alexander MacLeod by 1911 were living in Ladboke Grove West London. They had five children Alexander Cameron born 1899, Douglas Hamilton 1901, John Leslie 1903, Muriel Edith 1909 and Sheila 1915.

Charles MacLeod lived until 1939. His wife Edith Ann died in Ladbroke Grove Notting Hill London 5th Aprill 1954.

1911 census of Edward John Budd Budd

Edward became a well respected surgeon with his practice based in Brighton. He had two children, a daughter Edith Clara born 1896 and a son Harold Edward born 1898. Edward John Budd Budd died in Brighton in 1949. His wife Bertha died ten years later in 1959.

The photo below dates from approx 1905 and shows Edward Budd Budd, his wife Bertha, daughter Edith and son Harold.

1911 census Frederick William Budd Bud

Shortly after the 1911 census Frederick and his wife Hannah moved to Westcliff on Sea Essex. They appear to have had one child, Frederick Lawrence Budd Budd born 1900.

Frederick William Budd Budd died 26th July 1920 aged 50, in his Will he left his estate to Mabel Sharpe Budd Budd. She was the sister of his wife Hannah and Mabel changed her surname by deed poll from Wright to Budd Budd on 17th May 1918. A child was born at the end of 1918 and named Frederick S Budd Budd but we are uncertain whether the mother was Hannah or Mabel. We can find no further trace of Mabel or the child. His wife Hannah Louise Budd Budd lived until 1940.

1911 census Adela Ivy Awcock

Adela Ivy Budd Budd married Frank Awcock in Brighton in 1906. The 1911 census shows them living at Restlands Farm as Frank was employed as Estate Bailiff.

They had three children , Graham John born 1909, Dorothy born 1911 and Marjorie born 1915. Adela Ivy Awcock died 13th February 1936.

1911 Census Lucie Cathala Budd Budd

On the 1911 census Lucie (Lucy) had dropped Budd Budd from her surname. She was employed as a french mistress at a small private school in Hendon Her brothers Henri and Louis during this period had been educated at Ardingly College in East Sussex. With the outbreak of war both brothers enlisted ln the French Military.

Henri Cathala Budd Budd was wounded in 1915 which was reported in the above local news paper. He is pictured below with his brother Louis.

1916 Death of Frederick John Budd Budd

Frederick John Budd Budd died 4th January 1916 at his home Rokesley Lodge Marine Parade Brighon. His wife Ann Elizabeth lived until 1927 when she died in Crawley Sussex.

1919 Trustees of Phebe Budd Budd

Following the death of Frederick John Budd Budd in 1916 the Trust set up by Phebe Budd Budd was eventually wound up.

The newspaper notice below details the auction and disposal of all properties owned by the trust. All of the Brighton properties date back to their original ownership by Phebe’s grandfather Henry Budd.

We would like to thank Louise Jones and her father (descendants of Adela Ivy Budd Budd) For kindly supplying many of the photographs.
We would also like to thank Anna Hay (descendant of Edith Ann Budd Budd) for kindly providing copies of Birth and Death Certificates.