There is virtually no recorded information on this lesser known architect.
The following details have been researched from surviving church Baptism
Marriage and Burial records for the Lloyd family together with newspaper advertisements of the time.
Leonard Wild Lloyd was a minor London architect, his works being largly now forgotten.
He was instrumental in the early developement of Twickenham Park and the surrounding area.

1801 Birth Leonard Wild Lloyd

This story begins with the birth of Leonard Wild Lloyd to parents William and Elizabeth
Lloyd in 1801 in London.

The only written account of his life that we have found is in H. M. Colvin's Biographical
Dictionary of English Architects published 1951.

H. M. Colvin's work was updated to include details that L W Lloyd exhibited at the Royal Academy
from 1821 to 1830, at the Norwich Society of Artists in 1823 and at the Society of British Artists in 1825.


One of Lloyds first projects was architect for the Female Orphan Asylum in Westminster Bridge Road
Lambeth,opposite what is now Lambeth North Underground Station . The Asylum moved to Kent in
the 1860's and the property in Westminster Bridge Road was demolished .

Another early work was the Masonic Hall in Petersfield Hampshire which is shown below.


1827 L W Lloyd Twickenham Park

L W Lloyd was commissioned by Joseph Todd to redevelope his estate at Twickenham Middlesex. Lloyd appears
to have designed both the new Mansion and a number of new villas in the area, including modifications
to nearby Sandycombe Lodge.


Ailsa Park Villa

Twickenham Park Mansion


Villas in Park Road ( click image for larger picture)

1829 Marriage Leonard Wild Lloyd

Lloyd married Sarah Sophia Seabrook in 1829. She was the daughter of Isaac Thomas Seabrook
builder and architect.

L W Lloyd is first recorded at 6 Staples Inn Holborn in 1824. By 1827 he had moved his office
to 1 Upper Stamford Street Blackfriars. Following his marriage his address changes to
13 Regent Square, off Judd Street pictuered below.

13 Regent Square off Grays Inn Road London

1830 baptism Leonard Augustus Lloyd

The Lloyd's first child Leonard Augustus Lloyd was born 3rd July 1830.

April 17th 1832 was a busy day as L W Lloyd placed seven separate adverts (edited together below)


1832 Baptism Ernest Hynum Lloyd

Lloyd's second child Ernest Hynum was born 29 October 1831 and baptised 26th February 1832


The advert above placed by Lloyd for premises at 58 Lincoln's Inn Fields
eventually became L W Lloyd's own office.


1833 Baptism Albert Adamson Lloyd

The Lloyd's next child was Albert Adamson Lloyd born 22nd June 1833. He was named after
his mother Sarah's sister Mary Elizabeth Seabrook who had Married James Adamson in 1825.


1835 Baptism Mary Lloyd

The Lloyd's next child a daughter was named Mary Lloyd was born 20th August 1835.



Developements at Twickenham Park


During this time LW Lloyd worked on a number of projects around Twickenham Park which
included initially three villas in Park Road followed by a further two, and six properties in the
adjacent Richmond Road.


Caen Lodge later named Willoughby House


Ryde Lodge later named Ryde House

Bute Lodge Park Road

1838 projects in Richmond Surrey

Lloyd designed The Royal Hotel on the banks of the Thames together with Royal Terrace Richmond
a parade of ten shops at the junction of Hill and Bridge streets. (pictured below).

1838 Baptism Helen Lloyd

The Lloyd's last child named Helen Lloyd was born 19th May 1838 in Twickenham.
she was baptised in November 1838 at St Mary Newington when the family had moved
to 14 South Place Kennington Common.

Continued in part 2