William Budd's brother Edward Budd never lived at Twickenham Park
but is included in this story as an important family member.

1855 Marriage Edward Budd

Henry Budd's son Edward married Elizabeth Mellish at St Mary's Winkfield Berks
on the 6th January 1855. His brother William Budd was living nearby in Winkfield.

Edward & Elizabeth Budd moved to a Thames side property at
3 Hammersmith Terrace Hammersmith. Their first son named
Edward was born on 21st October 1855.

1857 Birth Elizabeth Budd Budd
Edward & Elizabeth Budd's second child named Elizabeth Budd Budd
was born 9th March 1857. The family were now living at
Elderslie Lodge near Horley Surrey.

1858 Birth Myra Budd Budd
Edward & Elizabeth next child named Myra Budd Budd was born
26th November 1858.


1862 Birth Florence Budd Budd
Edward & Elizabeth's next child was named Florence Budd Budd
and was born 31st October 1862. The family had now moved
away from Horley and were living in Pimlico London.


1864 Birth Georgina Budd Budd

Edward & Elizabeth's next child was named initially Fredrica Budd Budd
but when she was baptised her name was changed to Georgina Budd Budd.

The Budd family were now living at The Grange near Lingfield Surrey,
which was a property Edward Budd had had built for his family.

Edward Budd had now inherited half of his father Henry Budd's estate
when he died in 1862.

1867 Birth Harry Bentinck Budd

Edward & Elizabeth's next and last child was named Harry Bentinck Budd
who was born on 10th April 1867

1871 Census Budd Family The Grange

Edward Budd is listed on the 1871 census above at The Grange Lingfield.

1879 Marriage Elizabeth Budd Budd

Edward and Elizabeth's eldest daughter Elizabeth was originally
planned to marry Charles Herbert Stanley, but for reasons
unknown they never married.

Two years later on 16th April 1879 she married James George
Scott,late Captain in the 5th Fusiliers.

1881 Census Budd Family The Grange

Edward Budd and family are shown on the 1881 census below. The daughter
named Ina is Georgina. Note that Edward's wife Elizabeth is
stated as being a Lunatic and their eldest son Edward had also been certified
as a Lunatic from the age of 33 in 1888.


1890 Death of Edward Budd

Edward Budd died at The Grange on 6th March 1890 aged 77.
He is buried in the family grave in Lingfield.

Following Edward Budd's death in 1890 his estate was divided between his
wife and children. The executors were his son Harry Bentinck Budd and
eldest daughter Elizabeth Budd Scott.
Under the conditions of his Will Edward Budd directed that his wife Elizabeth
and eldest son Edward should be financially provided for during their lifetime.
As his daughters had gone against his wishes by embracing the Roman
Catholic faith their share was reduced.

The largest benifactor of Edward Budd's estate was his son
Harry Bentinck Budd who inherited the lions share.
His story is told at the foot of the page.

1891 Census Elizabeth Budd

The 1891 census records Elizabeth Budd living with her two daughters
Myra and Florence in London Road Tunbridge Wells.

1893 Marriage Florence & Myra Budd

Elizabeth Budd's two daughters Myra and Florence married two brothers on
the same day 17th July 1893. Myra married Edward John Newington and
her sister Florence married Charles Newington.


1901 Census Elizabeth Budd

Elizabeth Budd at the time of the 1901 census is living in Hove Sussex.
Her son Edward was boarding with Edwin Palmer in Tufnell Park London.


1903 Death of James George Scott

Elizabeth Budd's eldest daughter Elizabeth Budd Scott's husband
James George Scott died on the 8th November 1903. He was a
retired major in the army. He was 65 years old.

1905 Marriage Elizabeth Budd Scott

The widow Elizabeth Budd Scott married Herbert Vyvyan Cuthbert-Keeson
on the 29th April 1905.

1911 Census Elizabeth Budd

Elizabeth Budd in 1911 is living with her widowed daughter Florence
Budd Newington. Her husband Charles had died aged 52 in 1909.
Florence and her mother were now living at 2 New Church Road
Hove Sussex,which is pictured below.


1911 Census Edward Budd

Edward Budd due to his mental condition was still Boarding with Edwin Palmer
who's practice, Comittee in Lunacy had now moved to Bournemouth.
Edward Budd lived to the age of 67. He died in 1923.

1913 Death Elizabeth Budd

Elizabeth Budd remained living in Hove until her death in 1913.
She was 85 years old and was buried with her husband Edward
Budd in Lingfield Church yard.

Elizabeth Budd's eldest daughter Elizabeth Budd Cuthbert-Keeson
died in 1920. Her husband died the following year.

1927 Death Florence & Myra Newington

Within just over 2 months both Florence Budd Newington and her
sister Myra Budd Newington died.


1949 Death of Georgina Budd Budd

The youngest of Edward and Elizabeth Budd's children, Georgina had
become a nun in early life. She appears to have followed her faith
for her entire life, she died in 1949 aged 85.

Continues with Harry Bentinck Budd