1850 onwards Park Road
Twickenham Park

When houses were first built in Park Road in the late 1820's there were
only 3 properties built, Park Lodge, Bute Lodge and The Old House.

Two further properties Thistleworth and Fairfield Lodge were built
during the 1830's by LW Lloyd and rented out to tenants.

In the 1840's Park Road was extended. A further section was built to
continue the existing road from The Old House towards the River Thames.

The map above shows Richmond Road, with Park Road on the left hand
side. The extension runs from The Old House to Madingley.

We have noted all the property names that were given to these houses.
It should be remembered that the Villas in the first Phase of Park Road
were not named but numbered. eg Bute Lodge was 3 Park Road and
The Old House 5 Park Road. This changed in the 1860's.

The 1849 advert above for freehold building land was placed by
Frederick Piggott, a richmond auctioneer and estate agent who
took over much of the developement of Park Road after L W Lloyd
had gone bankrupt in 1840 following his involvement in the
building of the Royal Hotel in Richmond with George Topham.

Piggott's name can still be seen on the wall pictured below next
to Elsinore Villas.

The above advertisement from 1856 concerns Fairfield Lodge which was
then owned by a London auctioneer named Allen Davies. The house remained
in his ownership until his death in 1881. Unfortunately we can find no
photographs of Fairfield Lodge which was demolished in the 1930's.

No.3 Park Road became Bute Lodge around 1859 when the new owner
Doctor Alexander Tweedie moved into the property. The name 'Bute'
presumably originating from his scottish roots.



Park Road extended

Above is a present day view of Springfield Villas in Park Road which were
built 1860-70's. The name Springfield is not in common usage as the houses
are just numbered rather than named.

The aerial photo below shows the area in Park Road between Old House
Gardens (the site of the Villa named The Old House) and the river.

Above are Elsinore Villas, a large 3 house property.

Above and below are two properties built back to back.
Originally named Wathcole and Easeby Cottages, one of them
was renamed The Woodlands.


Above is possibly the smallest property Victoria Cottage
dates from the 1850's and externally has little changed.

Below is the property originally named Rosebank. The Coach
House on the left is now a separate property.

Above are Russell Villas at the end of Park Road facing the river.
Below is the large property Madingly which for a while was the
home of the Piggott family. A serious fire destroyed the house
around 30 years ago. Madingley Court was built in its place.

Norfolk Villa was originally the last property before the river in
Park Road. It was built backing onto Girton Lodge. Both properties
were demolished and replaced by Deniel Lodge in the 1960-70's.

The aerial photo below from the late 1940's shows the properties
at the river end of Park Road.

Below is a present day view of Bute Lodge